Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors History

Certificate of Recognition for our 70th year bestowed by the California State Senate.


Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors Club History

1944 – 2019


On January 7, 1944, a neighbor, Mrs. Irene Ross, called together a small group of neighborhood ladies to meet in the old one-room schoolhouse and suggested starting a club (The Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors Club).  The first officers were President, Mrs. Jean Wegmann; Vice President, Mrs. Jean Keiler; Secretary, Miss Madge Harding; and Treasurer, Mrs. Elizabeth Camenisch.  The schoolhouse was formerly located where the Placer Hills Fire Department now stands in Meadow Vista.  

The Club’s first project was to help improve conditions in the little schoolhouse, which had only 14 pupils (washing tin drinking cups, installing window screens and cheerful curtains, purchasing indoor games, etc.).  Over the years this little club grew.  We have been involved in many community projects, always ready to help neighbors in need.  

To accomplish all of these projects, the club held fundraisers such as box socials, amateur shows, dinners, snow cone and bake sales.  When the Christmas Food and Toy Basket Program first started back in the early 1950’s, there were only 7 families in need of help; however, in recent years the numbers have grown to more than 120 families. We helped more than 60 families in 2018.

In 2014 we received a Certificate of Recognition for our 70th year from the California State Senate.

In 2019, Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors celebrates its 75th year of providing support to our community.